Rabu, 07 Juni 2017

avenged sevenfold

avenged sevenfold

hey guys, harlow here and welcome to this little intro basically i wanna tell you the whole video is in english i thaught people from all arround the world are interrested in this so that's why im doing this in english my english is pretty bad but don't worry german red dead redemtion and

call of duty videos will follow soon but there aren't news in the moment and i ordered this stuff so i thaught making an unboxing video in english so yea, don't be mad and see you in my next (german) video hey guys, harlow here and welcome to this the stage ultimate bundle unboxing video and yeah i'm going to make this in parts so today we're going to open up the

t-shirts and the next part will be the lithographs and the caps and the caps and final part will be the hand signed vinyl so i think everyone is looking out for that but yeah i have to say it hasn't arrived it so it will come but maybe in one week maybe in two weeks or even more i have no idea what's going on they send everything separately from the

united states to switzerland so yea know it's not the best for the environment but guys i'm a hardcore fan i need to stuff i need it i need when i saw there will be a handsigned final i just went on the internet and order that shit so but guys let's go ahead and open this up but i already can tell you as you maybe can see i already open it up

because i yeah i wanted to have a look inside but the other thing i have to tell you i forget i forgot to set up the sizes so yeah what we've got here are two xxl t-shirts and for me it's okay maybe it's ok if i really wash it hot because i'm a large or x-large wearer sometimes but uhm as you will see now i ordered two and one

is for my friend so i ordered the whole bundle 2 times 1 is going to be for my friend and one is mine for sure but as you know my friend won't fit in this so i'm going to give this away one of them i'm going to give away but here comes the problem i wont sell it out of europe maybe even maybe i only uuhm i only ship it to germany and to austria

or italy i don't know france but yea guys i can't do this for the enviroment send it back to the united states somewhere so yeah i'm sorry for that and there also will be a cap i'm gonna give away i'm going to give away and yeah so now i'm going to open this up so you can see it's not that's

spectecular it's just the logo as you know it's basically the album cover yeah that's the word so yeah in like xxl so yeah but i already as i already saw it i had an idea maybe i can cut the tank top out of it or or like if you will win this in the giveaway just hang it on your wall because i already got a lithographs and the vinyl the handsigned

vinyl i can hang on my wall but if you haven't anything of that you can just take the shirt and hang it on the wall i think it's pretty cool so yeah look out for the giveaway probably i'm going to ship it in europe but for sure not out of europe that's for sure or maybe as i said only the neighbor

countries of switzerland we will see ya to give over being the last video like the fourth part after the handsigned it unboxing because i also want to give away one cap so yeah guys i hope you like it and i hope i will see you in the next part where we going to open up the lithographs and the caps so thanks guys have a nice day

and peace out well i are just waller will well i i just forgot to (ah fuck this shit)