Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

asking alexandria videos

asking alexandria videos

hello, conrads! recently i broke the first string. and then i realized that maybe it's time to change strings. bought myself a new set came home, began to take off strings and... in general, i realized that i rarely play in such low tunes and i became interested in making some cover and for the cover i chose the song

asking alexandria - to the stage a long time on my channel there was no video... and it has a reason the fact, that the last year and a half i practised very hard in mixing music, and, actually, quality of my mixes has raised in times. with tha same hardware i had before. even more

last time i'm trying to develop in direction of sound engineering and producing. so if you have a band or you just want to improve the sound of yours covers - contact me! i'll be glad to help. links for contact with me i`ll leave in descriptions under video and here, by the way, my last production

with very, very good, talented band) if you want - you can go. i am waiting ;) here so, dear friends. i hope you enjoyed the cover subscribe, please!) do not forget that i`m working in sound engineering and if you have a band - mail me! i'll help you in all matters. we will discuss all the points

so, stay, sign up, wait for new covers! and other videos) thank you! bye bye!)