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black alexandria

black alexandria

- it is time to...- (cast) sing it! ♪ (rock music) ♪ ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ ♪ (eerie synthpop) ♪ - hey, what do we got here? ♪ (drum joins in) ♪ ♪ (metal music) ♪- game of thrones? - ♪ remember the moment ♪- it's a little scary. - ♪ you left me alone and broke every promise ♪

- i don't recognize who this is. - ( screaming) ♪ so you can throwme to the wolves ♪ - these guys are crazy. - kind of boy band meets metal.(stammering quizzically) - ♪ every scar will build my throne ♪ - nice cats. nice cats. ♪ (hardcore metal music) ♪ - ♪ so you can throw me to the wolves ♪ - and this guy's having a fiddle with a computer on his table.

- ♪ beat me black and blue ♪- i like the music. - this is my daughter's speed. - these guys are scary. - i'm not overwhelmed with this. - ♪ so you can throw me to the wolves ♪- oh, cool. - those costumes are pretty interesting. - ♪ beat me black and blue ♪ ♪ every wound will shape me ♪ ♪ every scar will build my throne ♪

- (chuckles) okay. - wow. lucky me. - ♪ can you tell from the look in our eyes? ♪ ♪ we're going nowhere ♪- well, that's a beautiful scene. - ♪ we live our lives like we're ready to die ♪ - (don) ♪ ready to die! ♪ ♪ (drums join in) ♪ - it sounds like he's getting electrocuted. - out in the snow? (chuckles)very creative.

- you're gonna freeze! put your jacket on and listen to your mother. - (shrieking) ♪ i thought i buried youand covered the tracks ♪ - his singing is terrible. - (shrieking) ♪ with your cold dead hands ♪ - (chuckles) how that voice comes out of that slender young man like that. you know? it's, like, wow. - ♪ can you tell from the look in our eyes ♪ ♪ we're going nowhere ♪- it's interesting.

- how can they call that music? - ♪ like we're ready to die ♪ ♪ we're going nowhere ♪- oh, i don't get it at all. - ♪ this is sempiternal ♪ - man, the screaming. - it's more of a nightmare than a music video. - ♪ rise from the dead you say ♪ ♪ secrets don't sleep-- ♪- what is he saying, man? - what he's screaming and saying,i'm not catching it.

♪ (music grows soft) ♪ - he's just tired out, poor thing. - yeah, i'd be exhausted too. ♪ (music fades) ♪ - i don't dislike it, but i don't like the angry feeling in it. - (newscaster) ...for their animal shelter. - "love is blind." - "love is blind." okey-doke. - (newscaster) but we havesome breaking news--

- yeah, [bleep] dumb. (laughing) - blind, deaf, and [bleep] dumb. okay. ♪ (soft percussive beat) ♪- oh, shit. - okay. ♪ (mellow rock ballad) ♪ - ♪ my head is haunting me ♪ ♪ and my heart feels like a ghost ♪(gun shot) - oh my god! what the--? - you're not supposed to shoot the dog!

- that's disgusting. - ♪ cause i'm telling you ♪ ♪ you're all i need ♪ ♪ i promise you ♪- (in disgust) oh! - ew! (laughing)zombies! - ♪ i'll never leave ♪- this is a sick video. - ♪ so you can drag me through hell ♪ - yeah, you're pretty much in hell there kid. - ♪ ... hold your hand ♪

♪ i will follow you ♪ (explosion)- a lot of death and destruction. - the world is going down. - ♪ ...when you die ♪ ♪ i swear i'll be leaving your side ♪ - oh, this is just terrible. ♪ if it meant i could-- ♪- oh, he's so happy about it. look at him. - the apocalypse, but he's pretty happy about it.

- ♪ and you can throw me to the flames ♪ - he's there to pick up his date. - mmm, uh-oh.he's in love with a zombie. (laughing) (distant gunfire) - he's gonna be zombie-ized. - that one was horrible. - well, it's true hardcore rock, and for fans who love it,i think it's great. (movie reel clicks)

- (finebros) so what did you think of what you just heard? - i would listen to it just to keep my mind open to what's happening now. - the first two i liked 'causethey were very, very hardcore rock. - well, i liked the song "go through hell to get to you". - it was okay. not my type of music. - terrible. absolutely terrible. - it's too harsh, it's too angry. - it's been done before. there's nothing original about it.

- i couldn't understandthe music or the words. it's not like music from my generation. - (finebros) and what do you think about the music videos? - i thought they were absolutely ridiculous. - they're even worse. (laughing)especially the last one. the last one was so gory. - i know you shouldn't say thisabout heavy metal or whatever, but they were pretty and i liked the one that was filmed in the snow especially,and using the flares and all that.

- i think a lot of the musicians,the young musicians today, feel they have to shock you. you didn't always have to do that to make some good music. - (finebros) do you have any idea who this band is? - nope! - no idea. - no, none whatsoever. who are they? - (finebros) this band is calledbring me the horizon. - i bet my daughter-- i can't waitto ask her if she's heard of them.

- (finebros) the music was initially described as metal, but specifically deathcore, sometimes metalcore. - metalcore. i've never heard of it, but okay. - (finebros) do you consider this to be music? - yeah. - of course. - it's all music whether i like it or not. it might not be my musicalways, but it's music.

- nope. - no. to me, it's just a lotof noise and commotion. - there's just no tune to it.it's just screaming. that's not music. i mean, maybe kids like that today, but, you know, i don't like that. - (finebros) the band has been quoted as saying they look to evolve and change their sound over their careers. can you talk about the differences between each song we showed you

or does it not seem that different to you? - no, there is no difference. - i didn't notice much change. it all sounded terrible. - there was a little change there. - the zombie video seemed a little bit softer. - it shows that they can be crazy and wild, and yet they have a softer side to them. - (finebros) the band, in their early days,

had some rumors circulating about them inciting fights at their concertsor even peeing on fans... (laughing) - been done. nothing new there, sex pistol people. - (finebros) ...to getting so drunk at shows, they would vomit onstage and more.- oh god. - neat. - oh jesus! oh, stop. - (finebros) what do you think when you hear that?

- terrible! obnoxious. - i think it's absolutely horrible! - i think it's really unnecessary. i mean, you're up there to perform your music. - it makes no sense at all. there's other things they could do. good things, positive things. stupid things like that? uh-uh. - it's shock value.the kids like that. it's so different than when they used to break their guitars.

- i think it's all part of entertainment. didn't ozzy bite the heads of birds? - call up ozzy osbourne and check with him for gnarly, you know, but this is just like...i think it's just kind of silly. - (finebros) so some more info for you. bring me the horizon has been around for over a decade now. - wow! they must've startedwhen they were babies. - (finebros) it even said thatthey aren't really doing metalcore as they don't listen to that type of music anymore.

what do you think the band'slong-time fans might think about that? - i don't know how they think. - well, they're gonna get older tooand maybe they'll get some sense. - long-time fans probably changetheir values as well. as we grow older, we get wiser.at least we should. - dylan changed from being acoustic to electric. if they're really fans, they'll see change. - some of them will desert the groupbecause they want that and they don't want to grow along with their idols, so to speak.

it all is about expressingthemselves as artists, so if that's where they want to go,to me, the fans should support them. - (finebros) okay, so when we cover bands we often like to ask this: if bring me the horizon came on tour, would you want to see their concert?- oh god, no. never, never, never. - i would never go see 'em. - i wouldn't give 'em two cents. - i don't think so. i don't know if my ears could take it.

my ears are already ruined by rock 'n' roll. - i have no interest in hearing them,or seeing them, or witnessing anything that they do! - yeah, i would go see them. i don't know if i'd pay.maybe if you paid. - thanks for watchingthis episode of elders react. - if you like what you saw,hit the subscribe button. - thanks for watching and...wait, i can't hear anything anymore.