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asking the black

asking the black

reemanabta would it be ok if your sonor daughter married someone black? ala (40 something woman)anabta this is a very rare thing when a black personwants to marry another person it's with another black personand it's usually from the (refugee) camp but girls these daythe important thing for them is the personality and the character so these days a person doesn't look at whether the person is black or not

she doesn't have any daughters if i had a daughter and shereally wanted to marry that person i would have to agree so she wouldn't do anythingwrong or behind my back i would try to talk with her and try to convince her not to but if i was unsuccessful in convincing her not to marry himi would have to just agree with her and go with it

why would she try to convince her not to? and also, thank god,i don't have any daughters that's why i am saying"please god, don't give me daughters" as for my sons i would really hope for themand wish for them to go abroad and marry someoneand live abroad and work abroad i asked if she meant a foreignerand she said yes russian, american, chinese

anything it's much better for themto go abroad and marry someone foreign what if they married someone from gaza? watch (sarcastically) the problem is that it will be extremely difficult to bring the girl here (to the west bank) or to go there to her in america let's say if she was living there

i am always telling my husband i want our sons to finish high school and then to go abroad i don't know how since there are problems with permits that's my goal in life would you allow your sonto marry a black woman? yes, of course i would same for his daughter?

amjadhebron no, i wouldn't allow it because i would prefer for mydaughter to stay around me because i would like for herto be around me i would like to assist her if she needs me let's say the black guy lived in hebron if he is good to herand good with her, it is fine hudatulkarem i wouldn't mind this

i wouldn't stand in her way because we should not judgepeople by their looks or colour is the same true aboutpalestinians from other areas? of course, it's normal (from the side)we are all brothers and sisters we are all together are you willing to letyour children marry someone black? jihanrahat (town in israel) my children are very youngi haven't thought about this

but i said eventually theyare going to grow up i haven't really thought about this the coming generation...since we have to think of the future i am sure they will have more freedom and it will be hard for me hard for me to make decisions on their behalf or make them do what we want we have to give them space and take into accountthat they will make their own decisions

if it was your decisionand your husband's look, aren't the blacks human beingjust like us they are human beings if your son would marry someone black marwananabta it's his choice, it is no problem what about your daughter? i have no daughters what about your sister?

it's no problem myriam (60 something woman)jenin very normali would approve, agree it would be normal musa (50 something man)hebron why not? also for his daughter?yes all people god made all people

if you love someoneand they are good people, why not if your son or daughter marriedsomeone black, african what would you think? i would be fine with it there would be no problem raradanabta because colour is not important it's what's in their brains their personality and character

would she say the same thingabout someone from hebron? very normal everything depens on kismet ramitulkarem no does he think thatwill extend to marriage? because i am living with the blacks and with the others i married a blond, i married a whiteand i married someone from my colour

and i divorced them all he was married three times at the same time? this was during my travels to jordan, to holland to different places they weren't arabs he then married an araba palestinian i asked if she looked like himno, she is your colour caramel

how old is he? 30 he is actually 29 turning 30